Tuesday, October 13, 2015

For the Love of Starbucks! | DIY Starbucks Bookmarks

Recently I went into Starbucks for a gift card.  Mixed with the normal gift cards were beautiful leaves with metallic gold.  They were perfect!! As I looked through them, I noticed that there was four different colors.  Of course I had to have them!!

There was a few different projects I thought I could use them for.  But none that I would be able to enjoy their prettiness.   As I thought I looked down and noticed my bible and a bookmark that was made for me was lying next to it.  That is what I'll do! I will make them into bookmarks.  Then I can enjoy them everyday!

With the hole on the end, a tassel would attach perfectly.  I used gold metallic string that I had to make the tassels.  They were very easy to make and the bookmarks were done in no time!

I love how they turned out!!  If you are not into Starbucks, you can easily cover the small Starbucks symbol.  They will still be very nice.

And this is how it looked in my journaling bible......

A nice accent to my bible.  Love it!!


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