Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Journaling Bible | Psalm 119:105

Bible Journaling has become a new passion of mine.  I really love creating beautiful pages to reflect what I am studying or feeling for the day.  I have purposed to journal more this year and hide God's word in my heart.

My first page for 2015......


  1. This is awesome :) I love the idea. What Bible do you have with the journalling on the side like that? I see other images in your documenting my life with pictures on the side. What post do you talk about this more in depth in?

    1. Thank you!! This is definitely my new love right now! <3
      Here is my very first post about why I decided to do this: http://www.notionsfromnonny.com/2014/12/journaling-bible-acts-238.html Doing this has taken my daily devotions to a new level. I hope this answers your question! Take care!!


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