Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Getaway: Pismo & Avila Beach

When the valley is cooking with 100 degree temps, it is always nice to get away for a day.  Pismo, Avila, and Monterey are our cool weather places to go to during the summer.

We hit San Luis grade and the temp dropped from 101 to the 70's within minutes.  Ahhhhh, so nice!!  The weather was just perfect at Pismo Beach!

Gorgeous view from our room.....

We had diinner in Avila at the Olde Port Inn.  They have the best food!

Our table overlooked the water and also had a glass bottom. Very cool!

My cod diinner was amazing!!

Avila is very pretty also....

The trip wouldn't be complete without stopping at Splash Cafe!

Clam Chowder with seafood topping!

Sadly, we must return to the hot valley, but we will return very soon!!

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