Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Setting up your Small Business Office on a Budget from Dollar Tree

Buying supplies for a small business can be very expensive.  When we recently set up our new office, I knew where I was going to start.  And it wasn't our local office supply store.

I grabbed my husband and we went to our local Dollar Tree.  Thankfully the store had plenty to help us get started.

I had never seen tape dispensers before!! Score! The cheapest one at an office supple is $5.99.

Then you must have refills.  Six for $1 is an amazing price!

This oversized paper clip is perfect for reminders and notes.  

Every desk needs a holder and pens. Holder $1 and a pkg of six pens $1

This is not my favorite white out.  I like the white out tape better.  But this will get us started.  Also, packing tape for our shipping needs.

I am a post it queen! Had to have post it notes for our desk.  Dollar Tree has multiple sizes and styles. They even carry Post It brand.

For the files.....labels! 154 for $1

Dollar Tree even has desk drawar organizers and we got clips to go in it.

I always buy my envelopes here also and we found legal pads for notes.

Big Number calculator....$1!

Mailing labels....a must have in any office! 240 for a dollar!!

And scissors...

We got our office operational under $30!
All this would have been over $100 at your local office supply store!

When you are operating on a budget, do not forget to check your local Dollar Tree for great savings!  And leave with one impressed husband! :-)

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