Friday, February 14, 2014

Budget Friendly Pantry & Cabinet Organization

It is that time again! We have been in this house now for a little over a year.  Moving into this home I really downsized on my cabinet and storage space.  I had to get creative and only keep what I needed! Recently, while working in my kitchen, I realized things were getting ridiculous in my pantry and cabinets! It was perfect timing because I was feeling that things were not functional for me.  It was time for an overhaul!

  This is what I did using budget friendly items from our local dollar and discount stores:

First of all, you have to start out with bare cupboards. Yes, take it ALL out and give it a good cleaning! :o)

My pantry is the most accessed area in my home. (beside the refrigerator, lol)

This is before.........
When game planning,  I knew most importantly,  I wanted everything visible and in reach.  That meant getting rid of items that were outdated and maybe could be stored elsewhere.

 I love how it turned out!! You can actually see my custom paint, Copper Hill. Love this color!

 The top I reserved for things that I don't need daily.
The baskets found here are from Walmart and Dollar Tree.

 The baskets here are from Walmart.  I love the turquoise baskets with the lime green accent.  A perfect pop of color!  Also you can see clearly the labels that I used.  I was very excited when I found these Avery labels at Walmart because they are large.....they are reusable....and you write on them with dry eraser marker.  Very easy to clean off for reuse. 

Here is the snack  area.  I also store my larger baking tubs here. The cereal containers are from Walmart and the green storage containers are from the Dollar Tree.
Because I can see in the containers, it  really helps me to know if I am low on snack and cereal items.

The next shelf I put my trash bags, storage bags, wraps, and foil.  And the very bottom are the dog treats, extra bags, and newly purchased items that are not in containers yet.

Next is my baking cabinet.....

Everything but my large baking tubs are within reach. Storage baskets are from Walmart and Dollar Tree.

Here is where I store my seasoning.....

I love this swivel store caddy that I found at Ross. For the future I will have to buy smaller containers of seasoning to store in this caddy.  Also, for the caddy to work correctly, items cannot be stored too close to the caddy. (for it to swivel)

My storage containers.....This is one cabinet that I'm still working on.
It works, but at times it doesn't seem functional.  I may change this cabinet once again.

But I do want to share my lid storage container.  I love this find!! (Walmart)

This is where I store my can goods......

I really like the tiered can organizer.  It really makes items more accessible.
I found the tiered racks at Big Lots.

It is always so nice to see clean and organized cabinets! I would love to know what items you have found that work for you! Leave a comment below!

Have a wonderful weekend!!
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  1. Awesome! Looks great! Love the colors!

  2. Love those baskets I am going to conquer the pantry this week!!


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