Monday, January 6, 2014

EASY Waterproof Kennel (Crate) Pad

Most have you have met Rye, our Labrador Retriever.  I learned really quick with labs that they shed REALLY bad.  I have tried numerous pillows and crate pads, but his hair would not ever come out when washed.  I found some pads that would be a better fit for Rye, but they were expensive.  Making something yourself usually saves you money, so I created a easy, DIY crate (kennel) pad. It is a perfect project for a beginner sewer and it only takes around 30 - 45 minutes.

 What you need:
* Foam Pad ( already had from camp)
* 1 yard 60 wide Nylon waterproof material (or how much you need for your size kennel)

 Foam Pad found at Walmart or craft stores

First I measured by kennel and marked the measurements on the foam pad with a Sharpie.

Then I cut the foam ........ if you want the pad thicker, just double the pad and cut two pieces.

 Nylon (flag) material I found at Joanne's Fabrics

Lay your pad on the material and cut to fit, with extra for seam allowance.

Then sew seams closed. (see arrows below)

I used adhesive Velcro I had on hand.  After putting on, I sewed over to secure.

Put at the end of pouch so that you can close the crate pad cover. Insert your foam pad just like a pillow.

Here is the finished project! Took me 30 minutes!

 Rye loves it.....and I love how easy it is to clean!

  photo WhiteBackground_zps041ac8f7.jpg

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  1. Thanks for the super easy tutorial. My mother-in-law will be begging me to make her three of these. lol

    1. LOL! It has been a God send!! Good luck with it and thanks for stopping by!!

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