Thursday, January 30, 2014

It's Raining, It's Pouring!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winter Decorations 2014

I really love to keep my house festive, and with the house remodel, I bypassed Christmas and went to winter.   I love the frosty, blues of winter!  Sadly the weather isn't cooperating here in California, with 70's the norm, but I can only dream.

I didn't want to spend a lot of money to decorate, so I incorporated things I already had. I used this winter painting as my focal point for my mantle.  My husband's uncle painted it.  Isn't  it beautiful? He is one talented man!

 Here is my fiber optic snowman that I didn't put out this year.  He just didn't go with my red and bright green Christmas theme from years past.  He is perfect now with his blue scarf.  The owl I found half off shopping for after Christmas sales at Target last year.

Baby It's Cold Outside.....Here I took an old picture frame and put silver glitter paint to make sparkly like snow.  Then printed the Baby It's Cold Outside from online.  The snowman votive holder was 75% off at Walmart and I added aqua blue mardi gras beads for color.

 My lamps looked a little blah with all of the blue colors, so I added a aqua blue snowflake.

Hanging from the mantle are pretty glitter snowflakes that I found half off at Target last year.  Love the silver bling snowflakes!

My mantle runner is a piece of ruffle material I had left over from making a skirt.

This year I added an old, olive crate from a local farm store.  I love the rustic look it adds to my faux mantle.

I love having vignettes to display my theme.  Here is one Winter Vignette I did.

I used snow pictures from a family cabin trip.....

Another fiber optic snowman I had.....

Another Winter Vignette.....

I love my white feather wreath that I got at Target for half off.  I just added aqua blue mardi gras beads and silver bling snowflakes to dress it up.

This polka dot aqua dish is cute. (After Christmas sales)  I also incorporated pictures from our ski trip.

Another Christmas ornament filler on a candle holder.

I had a lot fun decorating for winter.  Next, Valentines Day!!
Happy Winter!!

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Project Life

I take thousands of pictures a year....maybe even ten thousand!! I love to capture every moment!! There was a time I even scrapped those moments, but with life so busy, it is hard to take ALL of my scrapping supplies out. When I came across Beckie Higgins website, Project Life, I was intrigued.  She makes scrapping look fast and fun! {her links in sidebar}

My goal for this year is to create a Project Life book for 2013 and then pick up with 2014.  I have started collecting supplies and pictures and will share with you my first few pages soon!!

I am very excited about finding Project Life!!! This is going to make scrapbooking fun again!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

EASY Waterproof Kennel (Crate) Pad

Most have you have met Rye, our Labrador Retriever.  I learned really quick with labs that they shed REALLY bad.  I have tried numerous pillows and crate pads, but his hair would not ever come out when washed.  I found some pads that would be a better fit for Rye, but they were expensive.  Making something yourself usually saves you money, so I created a easy, DIY crate (kennel) pad. It is a perfect project for a beginner sewer and it only takes around 30 - 45 minutes.

 What you need:
* Foam Pad ( already had from camp)
* 1 yard 60 wide Nylon waterproof material (or how much you need for your size kennel)

 Foam Pad found at Walmart or craft stores

First I measured by kennel and marked the measurements on the foam pad with a Sharpie.

Then I cut the foam ........ if you want the pad thicker, just double the pad and cut two pieces.

 Nylon (flag) material I found at Joanne's Fabrics

Lay your pad on the material and cut to fit, with extra for seam allowance.

Then sew seams closed. (see arrows below)

I used adhesive Velcro I had on hand.  After putting on, I sewed over to secure.

Put at the end of pouch so that you can close the crate pad cover. Insert your foam pad just like a pillow.

Here is the finished project! Took me 30 minutes!

 Rye loves it.....and I love how easy it is to clean!

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! {2014}

Day 31- Celebration
Love the new year....a new beginning! A fresh start!

This new year brings lots of new and exciting projects coming your way!! I better go get busy!!
Happy New Year!
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