Saturday, September 7, 2013

Using a Daily Planner to get Organized

September is my month to get back on track and get organized! 

Now that I work from home, I find that my time can be not quite so productive.  I easily get distracted and before I know it, the day is gone!

My daily planner is one way that helps me stay organized and on schedule.   I still use my iPhone for reminders, but I am a visual person and I like to see it in front of me.

I like to have fun with my planner!  I find seasonal stickers and brighten it up! And also use birthday stickers for birthdays and hearts for anniversaries.  The sky is limit to your creativity!

A picture that I don't have is my contact section.  There I keep important numbers, usernames, and passwords.  Now I don't make it obvious that I have a username and password listed in case someone gets a hold of my planner, but I know what it is.

Another item I have in my planner is a daily/weekly cleaning schedule.  Because I am typically home I like to clean a little everyday.  I found a printable that I love to use at  Made by Marquette ,  and I put it in the front of my planner.   Now I am not one to stress if I don't get to it all.  Sometimes I will double up the next day or just have it all done by the weekend.

This is one way that I mange my time.  What are some ways that you keep your life organized?

A few more organizing posts in the works. Look for them soon!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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