Monday, August 19, 2013

Glorious Hair

I just had to share this picture from camp.....look at all of the beautiful, long hair!

But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her....I Cor. 11:15

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fresno Bible Quiz Day!

Our church's Bible Quiz Team qualified for nationals in June.  With all of the excitement of summer, I haven't had chance to congratulate them.  In July they went to the National Bible Quiz Tournament in Oklahoma.  All of their hard work paid off and they became the National Bible Quiz Champs of 2013.  Not only did they bring that honor home, Keith Klann (sitting to the left) was National Bible Quizzer of the Year and our coach, Leonard Contreras (standing to the left) was National Bible Quiz Coach of the Year.  The highest honors you can receive at the National level.  We are so proud of our team and the fantastic job they did!

Not long after returning home, The Fresno Bee did an article in the paper about our team and you can find it here.  From that, the City Council of Fresno contacted our team and asked them to come to a meeting to honor them.  Today was that day.

(Our team with City Councilman Clint Oliver)

They declared it Fresno Bible Quiz Team Day.  How cool is that!!!

This is a day that these young men will probably never forget!  I am very proud to say that you are from our church! Congratulations guys....you're awesome!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Glow in the Dark Stepping Stones

I just had to try Martha Stewart's Glow in the Dark paint.  I got out my stencils, and an old stepping stone in my backyard, and proceeded to paint.  What a fast and easy project!

What you will need:
-Martha Stewart's Glow in the Dark Paint
-Stepping Stone
-Sponge Brush

I sprayed the stone off with water prior to painting and let it dry.  Then I taped the stencil to the stone.

I did three coats of paint to make sure it really glowed!

Gently take the stencil off.

Just to make the stone stand out more, I added paint to the edge of the stone.

What a  nice pop of color in your garden.....and a cool night feature.  Very cool paint!

I am going to find some more stones to paint!
Have a wonderful rest of the week!

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Remember Me?

Remember me? Yes! I am the blog author from Notions from Nonny, lol.  The author who hasn't blogged in weeks! Shame, shame, on me!  But it's summer! And there is so much going on!  I have even read FOUR books this summer.  I haven't read in so long and it has been great! Oh, and I went to teen camp with our church.  That was so much fun!  Also lots of family coming and going!  Never time to blog when they are here.  But I do have many projects to post....but the beautiful summer days just keep calling to me.  Now that the triple digits are gone for now, who wants to be stuck indoors!  Just a few more weeks of summer and I am going to enjoy every last minute!!

 Did I mention that I climbed Donkey Rock? Yes I did!! 
I checked this off my bucket list and you can read more about it here!

{ Love this Girl! Had a blast at camp with her! }

See you soon.....Have a wonderful weekend!

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