Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Keeping Busy!

Summer arrived and we have been crazy busy!  We just got back from a mini-vacation to the San Diego area.  We were excited to go to my niece's 8th grade graduation and enjoy the gorgeous weather!

On the way to Oceanside we made a quick stop at downtown Los Angeles.  When we got there, the guys went one way, and I went to  Fiore and Michael Levine.  I was one happy girl!

My beautiful niece graduated from 8th grade.  She is beautiful inside and out! We love this girl!

Ms. Priss waiting for the graduation to start.  Isn't she cute?!?

Unbelievable! My nephew gradated from 6th grade the same day.  I cannot believe he is going to be in  Jr. High next year!!  I was so glad that it worked out that I could be apart of his promotion.  Go Lukey!!

I celebrated my birthday this weekend also.  My family spoiled me!! I just love Coach!

I had such a fun time with these ladies shopping at the outlets!

The family went to San Diego County Fair in Del Mar.  What an experience!! This is quite a large fair with lots to do!! Not to mention lots of food!

My souvenir from the fair....meet DelMar!  And yes, I could have bought 10 fish at Walmart for the price it cost me to win this little dude! But is was fun!

We were excited to get home to Rye!! He missed us! :-)

I have also been busy crafting!  I will be sharing that soon!  Then we are off to Bible Quizzing Finals this weekend.  We are hoping our church qualifies for Nationals! Go Fresno!!  And our family from Paso Robles!  But we hope all of the kids do well!  So much hard work goes into quizzing!

Don't forget to stop by Healthier Lifestyle with Nonny.  The journey continues!

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Sounds like a fun trip! Great way to celebrate a birthday.

  2. Been missing you in the blog world, but sounds like a great start to summer!

    Happy birthday!

  3. Happy late birthday! Missed seeing you at PCC !

    1. Thank you Anali!!

      I missed everyone also! But we wanted to support our bible quizzers!! They have worked so hard!!

      Hope to see you soon!!

  4. You have been busy! Congrats to your niece and nephew. And happy birthday to you!!

  5. 'Sounds like a wonderful week! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

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