Thursday, March 14, 2013

Weight Loss Motivation Jars

 I am always looking for fun ways to keep myself motivated during my weight loss journey.  I am a visual person, so when I came across these jars on Pinterest, I had to make some for myself.  

 I used canning jars that I had on hand and decorative rocks.  I created the labels at Avery.com.  Have you've been to the Avery website? They have so many editable templates for you.  It is awesome! 

 I made three jars: lbs. to lose, lbs. lost, & New Clothing Fund.  The new clothing fund is a way for my husband to help motivate me.  For every 1 lb. I lose, my husband puts $2 in the jar. 


It is very cool to see my progress.....and see $$ the money jar $$ fill up! :o)
How do you motivate yourself to keep losing?

Wish you the best on your weight loss journey......


  1. I'll take all the motivation I can get!! Cute idea and I have some avery labels!

  2. I had seen the pounds to go/pounds lost jar idea before, but not the new clothing fund jar. Good idea! I might just need to do that.

  3. I am SO trying this! :)

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