Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pins You'll Love #9

The #1 pin......

My favorite Pin......

Spring is in the air.....This is just lovely!

We can all dream a little.....
Dream Getaway Home

For your healthier lifestyle......
Portion Control Plate

In the kitchen......
Shred your chicken with your Kitchen Aide Mixer.  
(I do this all the time and it really works!)

Lace is the look for this year!
Dolce & Gabbana

Source: style.com via Frances on Pinterest

Lets Get Crafty!
Awesome tutorial on how to paint a Chevron Stripe!

Party Ideas....
Use tulle instead of string for your balloons.
(I am so into tulle right now.  It is cheap!!)

Cake Decorating.....
Isn't this a fabulous cake!! Perfect for the music lover in your life!

Lets Get Baking!
Circus Animal Truffles
This is just like a cake pop, but not on a stick!

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  1. Wow I really love that red lace dress!! Repinned to the Apostolic Dresses board!

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