Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Am What I am: Miss Amber Nicole

This is my niece, Amber Nicole.  Our family was blessed with her arrival 20 years ago.  Amber is unique and special because she has Down Syndrome.  Today, I want to take the time to highlight her because it is World Down Syndrome Day.  She is very special to us and we love her to the moon and back!!   Take the time to stop by her blog, Miss Amber Nicole, and you will forever be changed.  She will make you smile.....and she will make you laugh! There is nobody else like our Amber!

We love you Amber Nicole!! You will always be our special girl!!



  1. Thanks so much! What a beautiful post...♥

  2. Thank you for stopping in on my blog and I love your niece's!! And you have a new follower for sure!! I cannot wait to head over to her blog!! ~ Lori

  3. Aw! I didn't know she was your niece! How wonderful!!! I've been following her blog for quite awhile and love it! She is so sweet. :)

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