Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Blog Address

Yesterday I switched my blog form www.notionsfromnonny.blogspot.com to www.notionsfromnonny.com.  Yes, I was tired of typing ALL of that! Please update your feeds.  I noticed if you are following or have my blog on a blog list, it isn't updating. I am not sure of all of the ins and outs.  I appreciate all of my faithful followers and hope you continue to read!

Speaking of followers.....I really appreciate all of my readers.  Blogging would be really boring if nobody read what I post.  I just noticed that I have 99 followers! Wow! That is so exciting!  That is a great excuse to have a giveaway!!! So when Notions from Nonny hits 100 followers, be looking for a giveaway!! I LOVE giveaways!

Remember, my new blog address is:


  1. Congrats!!! Looking forward to the give away and hoping I win!!! LOL

  2. How do you change your address to .com???

    1. You will change it in your dashboards settings. If your name is available, it costs $10 a year.
      That simple!

  3. Your posts are still coming up in the .blogspot address as well as the .com address. I was reading through your posts and looked up to find I was still on your .blogspot site. Maybe that's how blogger does it so you don't lose subscribers. Either way, when Lent is over, that cake recipe of yours will be conquered by one of us in this house. :-)


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