Wednesday, February 20, 2013

His Mercy Endureth Forever....



{when you are spared from judgement and harm}

The evangelist preached the other night from Psalm 136.  I sat there pondering the words he was reading. His mercy endureth forever......Twenty six times in chapter 136 we find these amazing words. And another eleven times you will find these words in the bible.  I sat there with gratefulness overcoming me.  It doesn't matter what you have done, or how low you have gone, his mercy reaches even further.  You cannot get outside of his mercy, it is always there.  That is why I sit here today very humbled, for without his mercy where would I be?  I would be most miserable!  

 I love this song about mercy.

Mercy Rewrote My Life

Verse: 1
For years I’ve traveled, the road all wrong,
oh my heart had lost it’s joy and song,
then grace placed me, right where I belonged,
when mercy rewrote my life.

Mercy, rewrote my life, mercy, rewrote my life
I could have fallen, but mercy rewrote my life.

Verse: 2
My mistakes, God turned into miracles,
all my tears he turned into joy, my past was forgiven,
my new name was written, when mercy rewrote my life.


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  1. It is nice to know there is that unconditional comfort waiting for us when we need it. And boy do we sometimes need it


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