Thursday, February 28, 2013

And The Winner Is....

The winner of the giveaway is.......

Lindsy is very lucky! This is the second giveaway that she is won from my blog!!
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pick Your Plum

I want to introduce you to a fabulous site!  We all can use deals for our crafting addiction, right? This is the site for you! Every week day there is a new deal. Today is Washi tape for $1.50 each! They are cute and cheap!! So check them out!

EASY Christmas Card Chipboard Scrapbook

It is the highlight of my holiday season to get a Christmas card, especially the photo cards.  Some turn out so nice and you know that they have taken time and money to send them out.  When the holidays are over, I hate to throw them away, so I put them in a box to save.  What good do they do me in box? No one can see them! This year, I put them in a chipboard book, so that when guests come by through out the year, they can enjoy them too.

I love to scrapbook, but I needed something fast and easy.  This is what you will need:

 -Chipboard Book
-scrapbook paper
-Hole Punch
-accessories ( I used glitter letters and flower)
-Glue runner

First you will cut the scrapbook paper to fit your chipboard.  Then glue it to the back and front page of your chipboard.

Next, you will hole punch the cover, so that you put the rings through when time. 

Then I cut paper for the inside of the chipboard book.  You will make the pages a 1/2 inch smaller than the cover.

Once the paper is cut, you will need to hole punch holes for the pages.  I used a sharpie to mark the spot.

Now put your book together with the rings and get ready to accessorize.

Here is my finished product! It took me about an hour to make.

I also made a pocket for the regular cards.....

This is perfect to set out on your coffee table or book shelf! 

Have a blessed day!


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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pink Lemonade Party

When my DIL told me she was doing Pink Lemonade theme for Millie's 2nd birthday, I was pretty excited.  So girly!!  When you have raised three ugly handsome boys, it is such a treat to have little girl parties.

When we have parties, it is usually a family affair.  It is very nice to take advantage of the talents you have.  Saves you lots of money!  Also, through out the post I have linked to tutorials so that you can know how to make your own.

My SIL made the banner with her Cricut.  I just love that machine!! I need to use mine more often! For a lovely accent, we added tissue balls.  We also hung tissue balls from the ceiling.

My SIL also made these cute fan decorations to hang.  

A real easy accent to your table is a jar filled with Lemon Heads.  I found the lemon heads at the Dollar Tree (5 boxes for $1) and the jar at Big Lots for $6.  To match the theme, I hot glued a piece of material to the lid. (what is nice, the material peels right off when you are done. I will be able to use my jar again.)

A very popular item is cake pops! My MIL and neice made Lemon and Strawberry Cake Pops! They were beyond yummy!

For the kids, and big kids, I did matching Funfetti Cupcakes.  With a icing tip, you can make your cupcakes look bakery bought!

I also made yummy Snickerdoodles!  To match the theme, I rolled them in yellow and pick sugar crystals.  They were perfect!

I made the tiers to display all the goodies.  It was very easy!! From the dollar store you get glass candle holders and spray paint them your desired color.  I found the yellow plastic plates at Big Lot.  That saved me lots of time! You could spray paint the plates too.  Then you glue them together with E6000 or Goop.  Both work well. 

I just love this saying! This sign was perfect! You can find it here.

My MIL, the baker extraordinaire, made the cake.  Then my SIL help put the final touches with the Chevron stripes.  My SIL also made the cake topper with her Cricut machine.  The glitter card stock and diamond embellishments were perfect!

Our little princess was very excited about her party!!

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Whoo Hooo! A Giveaway!!

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Sayings

I love quotes or sayings! So many times I have read one and it has helped me or encouraged me.  That is why now on Notions from Nonny we will be having Sunday Sayings!  It is my hope to share inspirational words to bless someone.  

And he will.....please don't forget it!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pin You'll Love #6

Most popular pin:

The Daddy Daughter Dress by Simple Simon and Co was my most pin pinned this week.  So cute!

Recipes for you to try:

Red Lobster Cheese Biscuit Copy Cat

Claims to be the best fondant recipe.....

When you master your fondant, you can make this amazing Zebra Striped Cake!

Easter Bark Recipe.....

What to do with all of your grocery sacks you save....make a homemade container from an oatmeal box!

What a cute refashion this is.....

Source: jaynsarah.com via Nonny on Pinterest

Make a wreath......out of tissue paper! 

Sometimes we just have days like this.....Bless their hearts!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Family Fridays

My family is the most important thing to me, besides my relationship with God.  Are we perfect family? Riiight!  That is why I have decided to set aside Fridays for the family on Notions from Nonny.  If we have strong families, it will lead to a healthy society.   I am no way a professional on this topic, but I can say I am  a competent wife, mother, and grandmother, who strives to be the best that I can be and bring out the best in those around me. Therefore,  I hope to help someone that may need a little encouragement with making your family stronger.  I do realize what worked for me, may just not work for you.  Glean from it what you will.

Children.....there will be a lot of posts on this topic.  Raising three boys, four counting my husband, I can find PLENTY to talk about.  Meet the boys.....

The Killer B's: Bradley, Brent, & Brock--1998

I just love this picture of my boys.  They were so innocent.  Full of laughter and mischief.  My boys are almost exactly two years apart. We were young parents, who did their best.   I always would say, "It will get easier when they get older!" Um, I hate to disappoint some of you! It does not get easier when they get older.  There are trials at every stage.  But I will leave that for another post.

We were very hands on parents.  As my boys grew, they were not perfect, but we would get compliments when we were out in public.  I knew we were doing something right.  Some would ask, you have good boys, what do I have to do to get my children to behave?  First recommendation to parents was, spend time with them!  You say, I do spend time with them? No quality time, where you are interacting and they are not entertaining themselves.  My husband and I very rarely left our boys with other people or let them go to other people's houses.  We wanted them with us at all times.  That was one way we can quickly nip behavior issues right away.  If they are not with you, and are hanging out with friends, you can't diligently work with them.  And friends and family will typically not discipline your children.  

Being a parent is a full time job.  When my boys were younger, I worked outside of the home some.  Our pastor taught us, if you pay more than half of your income to daycare, then you need to stay home and raise your own children.  I had to make that decision a few times.   It was a blessing when I started teaching and had the hours that my children had.  It made things very nice.  But, once again, my boys were either with me or my husband when they weren't at school.  This is really the key to raising your children. 

Now my boys are grown and even have families of their own.  I look back and think, what are some things I could do different. Believe me, there are plenty, but this is one area I would not change.  I truly believe that a child left to his own devices will bring shame to their parents, but if you are daily leading and directing your child and nipping behavior problems right away.  You child will bring you much joy and delight.

Have a Blessed  Day!

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