Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Winter Wonderland

I really love to keep my house festive, but I had never thought to decorate for winter. Usually I take my Christmas decorations down and wait for Valentine's Day.  Not this year.....I decided to decorate using some of my favorite colors.  I love the frosty, blues of winter!

I didn't want to spend a lot of money to decorate, so I incorporated things I already had. I used this winter painting as my focal point for my mantle.  My husband's uncle painted it.  Isn't  it beautiful? He is one talented man!

 Here is my fiber optic snowman that I didn't put out this year.  He just didn't go with my red and bright green Christmas theme this year.  He is perfect now with his blue scarf.  The owl I found half off shopping for after Christmas sales at Target.

Baby It's Cold Outside.....Here I took an old picture frame and put silver glitter paint to make sparkly like snow.  Then printed the Baby It's Cold Outside from online.  The snowman votive holder was 75% off at Walmart and I added aqua blue mardi gras beads for color.

 My lamps looked a little blah with all of the blue colors, so I added a aqua blue snowflake.

Hanging from the mantle are pretty glitter snowflakes that I found half off at Target.  Love the silver bling snowflakes!

My mantle runner is a piece of ruffle material I had left over from making a skirt.

I love having vignettes to display my theme.  Here is one Winter Vignette I did.

I used snow pictures from a family cabin trip.....

Another fiber optic snowman I had.....

Another Winter Vignette.....

I love my white feather wreath that I got at Target for half off.  I just added aqua blue mardi gras beads and silver bling snowflakes to dress it up.

This polka dot aqua dish is cute. (After Christmas sales)  I also incorporated pictures from our ski trip.

Another Christmas ornament filler on a candle holder.

I had a lot fun decorating for winter.  Next, Valentines Day!!
Happy Winter!!



  1. That looks great! My house always seems so sad and empty when the Christmas decorations are put away.

  2. Absolutely adorable! You have such a talent for decorating!

    I used to decorate for every holiday years ago. Don't know exactly why I quit. I still have a few of the lights up in the house from Christmas with plans to trade them out for white ones and some ivy or some such. Just a little something to brighten up the gray days of winter.

  3. Very cute!! Love everything, especially the feather wreath!

  4. That is absolutely stunning! YOur decor looks like a beautiful magazine! I love the way you updated what you already had too with snowflakes. You are totally inspiring!

  5. Those are my favorite winter and Christmas colors. I am a snowman collector and I always leave one little snowman tucked away somewhere in the house. I love, love, love Christmas and I like to see it year round. :) Great post and absolutely beautiful pics and yes, that painting is beautiful! :)

  6. I like the idea of decorating for Winter. It means a lots of things that were for Christmas can stay out a while longer. Pity it's Summer for us.

  7. AAAAAAAAck, this post reminded me that I wanted to check out the sale on the wreaths after Christmas at Target, lol. I'm late. ;)

    Everything looks really good and I love the idea of decorating for winter!

    I like the painting your hubby's uncle made, that's awesome.

  8. Your winter decor is lovely. That painting is amazing and I love your choice for 'frosty blues'. Thanks for sharing.

  9. those decorations are just gorgeous!! how festive! my house was very minimal, only a tree :( would've put me in a much better mood if I had all these around!

    i found your blog through blog hop by the way, and have followed you :)

  10. So pretty! I love the addition of the blue! I appreciate you visiting & commenting at DianaRambles.com. I am now following you via GFC & Pinterest!

  11. I LOVE your mantel runner! That is so adorable and gives it a great pop of color. Thank you for coming by my blog for a visit. I am a new follower of yours and look forward to reading more from you.

    Take care,

  12. Love your winter decorating - especially the blue! What a perfectly bright color for those often grey days of winter! I also love how we have the same taste - as you saw, I used the same expression (Baby, It's Cold Outside) on my mantle and I had bought those exact same snowflakes at Target for decorating in my living room this year for Christmas! :)
    Glad to find your blog - thanks for stopping by mine!

  13. I love the colors Nonny! So pretty! Thanks for linking up on Piggy In Polka Dots!


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