Friday, January 11, 2013

Reusable Gift Bag Tutorial

This year for the holidays I put my niece's gifts in a reusable bag.  
You can make them large or small, or even solid or print.  So many different options to make them so cute! They are very easy to make and just need basic sewing skills.

What you will need:
  •  Fabric & Felt
  • Ric Rac for handle
  • Sewing Machine and other sewing supplies
After you determine the size of the bag, you will cut the fabric and felt the same size.  Place the two fabrics together and sew a hem at the top and bottom.

After that, you will fold in half and then sew up both sides.

Keep the bag inside out.  Now you will sew a gusset in each corner.
(New word for me, gusset....thank you Martha Stewart! lol)

This is what it will look like when it is done.

Now turn it right side out.  You will now make the handles for the bag.
To make the strap more sturdy, I used felt and ric rac.
Sew a strip of ric rac on the felt, and then cut a strip for a strap and sew on.

Now you have a cute reusable gift bag.
Right in the center I put a piece of Velcro so that the bag would stay closed.

My niece loves tennis shoes like these.  I thought it was perfect for her!

Then my other neice is a teenager and I went a little more fancy for her.

Now Let's Get to Sewing!


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