Monday, December 31, 2012

Introducing...Mel & Sydney

One evening, while visiting in Oceanside, two white owls flew over us screeching.  My SIL said that they were barn owls and they live near by.  As matter fact, you can watch them on a live cam.   (How cool is that?!?)

That is how my fascination began.  Let me introduce you to.....

Photo Credit: Adventures with Mel & Sydney

Mel & Sydney
The Cutest Barn Owls!

Someone in the Oceanside neighborhood, near my family, put up an owl box with cameras.  It is very cool to see an owl up close.  Last year, you even got to see Sydney's babies be born.  If you have children, this would be perfect for them to see!!  

Mel & Sydney come and go, but if you follow the blog, you can get a history of their comings and goings.  The blog owner is really good about keeping the blog updated.

You can find the owl's here:

Mel & Sydney's Blog

Mel & Sydneys Live Cam

I know that I am easily impressed! :o) But I would love to know what ya'll think.  Leave a comment below. 

Happy New Year!


  1. Sometimes when I'm out running just before dawn I see owls in our neighborhood. They are so neat. And they really do say "Who."

  2. I love watching animals. Of course Mel & Sydney were out and about when I checked in, but I'll be back. I think that is so totally fun. :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Very Cool!!! I sent the links to my Sister. I thought she might like to share this with her third grade class... :)

  4. I saw an owl this morning! They are easy to spot when they fly because their bodies are so much wider than any other birds.


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