Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dollar Friendly Christmas Decoration Tutorial

After decorating for Christmas, I had some areas that needed a small item to fill in space.  Rather than spending a whole lot, I went to the dollar tree to see what I could gather. 

Dollar Tree had the candle sticks I needed, but not the large ornaments.  I found those at Walmart.

For this project you need:
a candle stick
large or small ornament
glue gun

This is very easy......
-Remove the end of the ornament
-Fill the candle stick hole with hot glue and stick the ornament in the glue and hold until glue is firm
-Add a ribbon bow for a finishing touch

Now you have a inexpensive decoration for a table or mantle!

This one looks like a large holiday sucker on my mantle......

This one added an elegant touch to my table.....

I will be soon posting my holiday decorations.  You will see how this dollar friendly craft will add bling to many areas of your home. 

Thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas!

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