Saturday, October 6, 2012

Another Adventure's of Rye

 I was so excited to go on another adventure this weekend with my family. I loaded up in the back of the truck, in my kennel, and was on my way......

I celebrated my one year birthday on a camping and hunting trip.......

My family always makes me travel in this box! They say I always get hair everywhere!
Hmph! Everyone has hair....right?

The camping area was really cool!  Lots and lots of trees!
And you know what those are good for......

The Shaver Lake area is beautiful......

Lots of places for me to run and play....

and plenty for me to sniff!

Out driving we saw a deer and her fawn! 
I can only chase look at the deer......but a buck, that is what we want!

They didn't want to play today.....off they ran!
( I think they were afraid of this long stick my master had. I don't know why.....)

We travelled up the mountain to Whishon Dam.....

Lots of water for me to play in......

 I am not ready for the big hunt yet, but we got lots of practice!
Out hiking one day, my family stopped to see this little tree. 
They said, "Awwww, it's a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree!"
To me, a tree is a tree!
Hopefully we will get to go again soon!! Camping is a blast!
This is Rye! Signing Pawing off until next time!

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