Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dishes in a Birdcage....& Eating for your Blood Type

This and some other things trending with Nonny on Pinterest.....

Most popular pins this week.

Decorating ideas for your home......

Love the lighting over the bed; shelf with lights.


Love this beautiful wood work over the doorway.

Lovely....Display dishes in a birdcage!

Organizing Your Spices: A pantry door spice rack.

Health: Eating for your blood type.....

I was amazed at how this really did match my personality!

Poplar Quotes and Sayings....

Source: piccsy.com via Nonny on Pinterest

Fun Crafts......

Source: etsy.com via Nonny on Pinterest

Cute Idea for Christmas......

12 Days of Christmas for Spouse


This outfit was the most popular.....LOVE the colors! And how cute the skirt is!

Love the fall colors of this outfit!

So Cute!

Nice belt....
Source: jcrew.com via Nonny on Pinterest

LOVE this skirt......this is a must make!

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