Friday, October 19, 2012

Refashion: Sweats to Modest Workout Skirt

Trying to find modest work out skirts is a deal!  
I liked this skirt, but I didn't want the built in leggings for modesty to be visible.  For me, they would be there just in case.  I love to play soft ball, rollerblade, and ride a bike.  And at my age.....falling is a real consideration.

The search was on......

For all that know me, I am not a professed seamstress.  I am a beginner sewer, who cannot even read a pattern.  Pinterest and the blogs with tutorials have given me the confidence to venture out to try these projects.

Helen, at Blue Eyed Beauty and some other sewing sites have been refashioning pants to skirts.  So, when I saw these capri work out sweats on the clearance rack for $5, I thought they would be perfect for a work out skirt.

Very excited that the capri pants have pockets already!
Perfect for carrying my phone!
And a waist band that will already be done. Makes it very easy!

The material is also very light weight and breathable.....

To refashion into a skirt, I took out the center seam. Because of the type of material, the sweats also had a built in lining. Which is perfect! I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.

Nothing is safe in the house when you are refashioning...... I took an old slinky jumper to make this into a skirt.   I wanted this to be also more aline than straight.  The more material you add in the panel, the fuller it will be.  For a straighter skirt, you would use less material.

As I mentioned before, the capris had a lining.....I left the inner lining whole to make built in leggings.  Perfect for modesty!
The material is see through you say!?  The lining protects you from that. And even though I left the lining as leggings, they are baggy and full, and you are decent and modest.

 Here is the finished product.....
I am very happy with how it turned out.  More exciting is the deal!!
It is very hard to find work out skirts, much less for $5!

 {Don't you just LOVE the self portraits! Ha! The razzing I would receive from the men in this house if they took the pictures! So, you do it yourself! :o) }


Love the pockets........

Plenty of room to move.....

I hope I have inspired you to try something new!!
Happy Sewing!


  1. I wish I could make this. Maybe when I graduate school I'll have time to learn. lol. It is so hard to find work out skirts. I usually go to the thrift stores and find a stretchy skirt and hem it. It usually works for me, but this looks great.

  2. I hear you: running/walking skirts are hard to find. Who wants to wear heavy denim-- and in my country (the Philippines), they're TOO HOT! I have recently become a runner, but since the late '90s when we evangelized full-time, I've been walking in the same two-piece outfits which are a) still very cute, b) I got cheap, but c) are showing their wear, bless their hearts. You've got my wheels turning! Thanks...

    ... and what a cute blog you've got here! I'm stickin' around!

    ~ Kelley

  3. Love this! I think you need to start training for our next 5K! We had a blast this morning ;)

  4. Love it! I have been making these pants/turned skirts for a little while and love the diverse ways you can embellish them. Btw, how much weight have you lost and what are you doing?

  5. Hey Abbie!! Thanks! I was desperate for a skirt!! Do you have your
    refashions on your blog? I'll have to check them out!

    As for how much weight I've lost......if you count the weight I've lost and gained, and loss and gained again.....lol, hundreds of pounds!! :-). But, I've kept off 35 lbs. I was doing alternate day diet. I've had to take some time off. I do faithfully count my calories on My Fitness Pal. That app helps keep me focused! I also do my best to walk 3-5 miles a day.

    It is such a daily battle! Especially since I love food!

    Take care!!

  6. You did a great job! Now I want to go and find a great deal myself and make one! Which reminds me of the two skirts I need to finish.. :/ haha! I will definitely be trying this out when I finish all my other projects haha :).


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