Sunday, October 21, 2012


Did you feel it?!? The bed was rumbling, the ground was rolling,and the light fixtures were swaying! I sat there waiting to see if it was going to get worse. Thank goodness it didn't!! 
I got up and put my robe and shoes on.  My husband laughed at me, "Why are you putting on shoes?"  Who knows!! I guess I felt more mobile with shoes on! Lol

100 miles away, 30 miles west of Coalinga, there a was a 5.3 earthquake. Strangely, they had a 3.8 earthquake just a day ago. Hmmm....do you have your emergency supplies?

Well, I was going to bed.....now I have to wait for my heart to quit racing! :-)


  1. Yes, I felt it! 11:55 my phone said. I shook my husband and ask him if he felt that he said no he just felt me shaking him LOL

  2. Nope. Didn't feel it here in Vegas, although sometimes we do. But ironic that we all (California & Nevada) just participated in an earthquake drill on 10/18 at 10:18am. But what does the Bible say? "In the last days there will be earthquakes in diverse places..."
    Always keeping up with your blog and thanks for always stopping by mine!


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