Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Adventures of Rye: Graduation Night

I started obedience school 6 weeks ago.
  I am proud to say that I graduated!!

My teacher thought I was friendly and VERY excited about life.  She was so nice to give me a pumpkin toy for doing so well in her class. 

It fits perfectly in my mouth.....squeak, squeak! And yes, I will carve this pumpkin and remove the annoying squeaker! 

The best part of the class was when we got to walk the store in training.  Wow! So many things to see!  I love toys! There was several aisles with so many of them!  As I would walk by I would pick one.  (No Rye! Not yours!)  Not mine? Then why are they there? That's okay, I will try for another one on the next aisle.

I got to meet so many new doggie friends! My smallest friend was a maltese.  He was only a couple of pounds. He sure was smart! It was pretty cool, because he came to class with a different outfit everytime.  Hmmm....I need some clothes too.

Another great thing is all of the scents! Wow! So many thoughout the store! They were the same scents that I smell on our walk next to trees!  And what do you do to trees?   Yes!! And that's what I did!  (No Rye! You don't potty inside Petsmart!)  Nonny why are you so red? All of sudden we rushed down the aisle and she is grabbing paper and then we are rushing back to that spot.  Oh good! I didn't get to finish before! Hmmm....Nonny is grumbling about somebody named Dog being dumb. Not me! We all know I'm Rye. And I'm one smart dog!

My next class starts Monday.  I am excited to keep learning and get more and more treats!

Until next time.....

If you think dogs can't count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then giving Fido only two of them. ~Phil Pastoret


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