Friday, September 7, 2012

Wake Up America!

I have known there was a God since I was a little girl.  Even though my family wasn't church going, I still knew there was a God. There was so many around me that took the time to share their knowledge of our creator.  They were from different walks of life, and different religions.  America is built on the principles of God and God fearing people.  To think that America could be at the brink of not acknowledging God is unbelievable.   On the way to church the other night we had the news on.  I was amazed and then angered, about what I heard.  Am I surprised? No! But, I didn't think I would see this in my lifetime.  Nor did I ever think that my freedom of religion would be encroached on.

Elder taught a lesson Sunday morning about the times what we are living in. It is scary times for many and we need to pray more than ever for God's will.  And he talked about leaders that are not on the side of the Christian religion. He mentioned that we need to be on God's side.....and the side of Israel.  If they are against Israel, who are God's chosen, then we need to think long and hard about following these leaders. 

Who would have thought that that night on the news they would report that the Democratic platform had removed any mention of God, nor acknowledges Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
   Because all day there was a major up roar about the Democrats not acknowledging God, and it could be very detrimental to a certain persons reelection, they decided to add it back into the platform that night.  It is disheartening enough that they had to add it back in, but that they barely passed it with a 2/3's vote to add it back in.  You don't believe me? That in America that this would be happening? Listen for yourself.......

{Podcast Audio}

 Now that you have heard for yourself, I hope that you think long and hard about what our future will hold. This is a minority group making decisions for a majority. Did you hear how angry the people were? Did you hear that they really didn't pass this? They pushed this through when really the "no's" were louder.   If the same leaders stay in, who knows what the future of God fearing people will hold.  They will have four years to wreak havoc! If America does not wake up, we will be living in a country that we don't recognize. Whether you are Democrat, Republican, Independent, or any other,  we are Christians first.  Our God should always be above all others.  Yes, they have a right not to worship God, but they DO NOT have the right to take my religious freedoms away. As a little girl I loved the God that I barely knew, but as adult, I love him even more.  I will speak up and fight for the God that is my children and grand children's only hope.
Please Wake Up America!

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