Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pinterest: What's trending this week?

Trending with Nonny on Pinterest.....

These were your most popular pins!
Pepper and Cheese stuffed hamburgers; //Something differentVery nice.....Oversized Bows. pleaseGreat Color SchemeApostolic Pentecostal Women's Modest Dresses - Apostolic ClothingHow to organize your office space... A BOWL FULL OF LEMONSNotions from Nonny: Better Than.....Anything CakeThis shows you how to make a skirt using your personal measurements.adorableLettuce Hem Tutorial... with a sewing machine!Notions from Nonny: Pinterest: What's Trending this Week?Cool website for wall quotesAnimal print wedge!mommas and their babiesRibbon Baking Pan can be molded into any shape, magnets that make it stick to the baking sheet! WHOA!

Can't wait to try this yummy looking recipe!

Armadillo Eggs from Recipe Biter

Forever Zig Zag

Love the over sized Bow!

Valentino Over sized Bow 

Turquoise & Brown: Love the skirt and purse!

Turquoise & brown with just a touch of coral. And I love the shoes!

Turquoise & brown with just a touch of coral. And I love the shoes! by cbrile featuring hello kitty

Apostolic Apparel.....

AC Apostolic Clothing: Long Layered Skirt

How to organize your home office.......love the color coordination:

Bowl Full of Lemons

The yummiest cake ever!

Notions from Nonny: Better Then.....Anything Cake!

Drafting a Skirt Block......




Lettuce Hem Tutorial......

Oliver and S

Cool website for wall quotes.....

Lacy Bella Designs

Animal Print Wedge......

Sole Society

Mother's Wedding Picture: Frame
Love this!!

Trend We Love

Quirky Ribbon Baking Pan
Great addition to my kitchen!! Very Cool!

The Awesomer

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