Monday, September 17, 2012

Better Than.....Anything Cake

The Kendrick Clan has been cursed with a curse.  From children to grand children....they have inherited a "sweet tooth" gene from my mother-in-law.  Oh yes! It's true!
So, to make the men in my life happy, I am making their favorite cake today.  It is so easy....but it tastes like a million dollars!

This cake has many names.  Our family was introduced to this cake by our good friends, The Witt's years ago.  We call it BTS Cake. (we'll keep it a family blog *smile*)

This is what you need:
 Devils Food Cake Mix, Sweeten Condensed Milk, Carmel Topping, Whipped Topping, and Candy Topping.  We have used snickers, oreos, butterfingers, and heath.  They are all good!

 First bake your cake.  Follow the directions on the box. 

As soon as you take it out of the oven,
take a fork and poke holes all over it.
More holes the better!

Next pour the entire 14 oz Sweetened Condensed Milk over the top of the hot cake.
Spread it evenly around.
It will soak in...which is good.

Next you pour the entire jar of caramel topping. (Yummy & Gooey!)
Spread it evenly around. 

Now place it in the fridge to cool down.  It is better if it sits awhile. Even overnight.  It gets really moist and yummy if it has time to soak into the cake.

Now it is time to choose your toppings.  Today I used Oreos and Snickers.  You will crush or chop the topping into small pieces.

After the cake has set, it is time to put the whipped topping onto the cake.  After you spread the whole container onto the cake, you will then sprinkle the topping on.

Once again you may chill it.....or cut it quick, and enjoy the leftovers tomorrow.
(After being asked a hundred times if it's done,
I cut it quick!)

The best cake in the world....Better Than....
well, ya' know!  (ahem....Anything!)


Now ya'll know why I battle my weight....it's the curse!
And way too many temptations!!


  1. Oh my!! That looks super good!! My birthday is November 5th so if you want to bring that to West Coast Conference it's fine with me! Haha!! ;)

  2. Brent just asked me to make this asap! good thing your instructions look easy to follow;) lol


    1. Awww...I have plenty here! Wish you were a little closer!! :-)

  3. Yes, I've had this cake before, and it is delish!! I see my daughter is hankering for a piece, so maybe I'll make it for her birthday. LOL

  4. I still remember this cake from the last time you posted it...STILL REALLY wanna try it!!! I wonder HOW MANY CALORIES it has in it!?!?! LOL

  5. wow this looks good!! thanks for linking up with us over at together in the kitchen! xoxo

    amy from evy's tree

  6. Thank you for linking up this delicious dangerous-looking recipe! I'm excited I found your blog & can't wait to follow along :)

  7. Thank you Ashley for stopping by! This recipe is a family favorite. I just pretend it is calorie free! :o) I look forward to reading your blog also!! You have some great posts!

    Take care,
    Frances {AKA Nonny}

  8. Your welcome Amy!! I enjoy cooking, especially sweets! I'll be around again I'm sure!! :o)

    Take care,


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