Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Zebra & Music Themed Cake

Life has been so busy around here! I have had so much I wanted to blog about, but no time to do it.  Things will hopefully slow down the next few weeks.

I do want to share a cake with you.....
I have some really talented family members! They are so artistic!
I recently hosted a special birthday party for a friend.  My mother and sister in law did the cake.....they are amazing! I wanted to share their masterpiece! :o)

It was a 40th birthday and the theme was aqua and zebra print. 
The cakes were chocolate and vanilla butter and were first covered with buttercream before the fondant was put on.

Covering the cakes with Fondant.....

Because the birthday girl is a singer and musician, they decided to add a musical theme to the cake.

Free Handing Musical Notes in Fondant.....

Bottom Layer Done....

Here is the final masterpiece......I told you, aren't they awesome?
Such an awesome cake!!

The Party theme pictures to follow.....

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