Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Earn Prizes for Saving!

What if I were to tell you of a budgeting site that rewarded you for learning how to budget? And when you pay off your debt and meet your budgeting goals that you could win prizes and gift cards? What if I told you the site was secured by these trusted programs:

With SaveUp, you can learn new ways to save money. By adopting good financial behaviors by paying down debt and saving money, you get reward for it! You will become motivated to budget and become a saver instead of being a spender!

So how does it work? Start by:
  • Fill out your name and email and new secure password
  • Register your financial accounts
  • Then you can watch free webinars on how to set up goals and personal organization.
You can Pick Prizes to play for to win. For example, play Throw the Ball to knock down the targets. Then be entered into the Paris Vacation, and also entered to win a new Ford Taurus. Plus  you can earn more credits applied to my account just for playing! 

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