Friday, August 17, 2012

Bohemian Birdcage Party Theme

I am not a party theme extraordinaire, and this is one theme I wasn't sure how to label it.
This is what we came up with.....Bohemian for the wonderful bright colors....and birdcage, well....for the birdages!  No matter what you call it.....it is wonderful, bright, and colorful party!

Bohemian Birdcage Party Theme

{The ruffle skirt was left over circle material. It made a gorgeous table skirt.}


{Flowers are always a beautiful addition}

{Lovely cake pops with the color theme}

{A Happy BIRDay themed banner made with a Cricket.  LOVE Cricket machines!}


{A refurbished photo frame with chalk paint.  Flourescent chalk from Hobby Lobby}

{Favorite decoration:  A salvaged branch, spray painted aqua.  FREE decorative tree!}

{Another fabulous cake by my MIL and help.  You can save so much doing your own cake!}

{We can't forget the food.....homemade Mexican Food. It was fabulous!}

Another wonderful party by my family!

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  1. Beautiful Pictures!!! Everything was fabulous,as always... ;)


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