Friday, August 31, 2012

5 Dangers of Diet Sodas

September 2011 I vowed to quit drinking diet sodas.  I was a diet pepsi-a-holic, and I knew that it wasn't helping my health.  Until I stopped drinking them, I didn't realize how swollen in my face I was.  Within weeks I could see the results.  Now, a few times a month I allow myself to have a Diet Cherry Limeade from Sonic.  {yummy!} That's about all the diet soda I have.

Book Recommendation: The Purity Principle

Elder had everyone in our church, young and old, read this book.  I have just finished it for the second time and wanted to recommend it to all of my blogging friends.

This book talks straight about a subject that we cannot ignore any longer.  You say that you don't have this problem? Either you will face it, or you will know someone who will.  Why not be ready anyhow.  I promise you will not be disappointed in this book....it is very thought provoking.

When you read it, I would love if you would come back and let others know what you think!

For thirty years Randy Alcorn has been encouraging people-young and old-to pursue the rewards of sexual purity. Too often we settle for a compromised Christianity that's just a baptized version of the world's sad existence, rather than the abundant life to which God calls us. This book deals with - raising children to embrace sexual purity - providing an example of purity in the home - protecting purity in dating (at any age) - and maintaining purity in marriage. Biblical, practical, and concise, The Purity Principle is a one-stop handbook for individuals, families and churches.

Some people have given up on purity. Some have never tried. Bestselling author Randy Alcorn shows us why, in this culture of impurity, the stakes are so high—and what we can do to experience the freedom of purity. Impurity will always destroy us; purity always leads to higher pleasures! Choose wisely. Let the insights of this amazing book—written for old and young, married and single—help you gain your footing on the path to truly lasting joy.

FREE Christian Kindle Books

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Photo Challenge August 30th-Card

I keep just about every card I receive.....

Pinterest: This Weeks Popular Pins


        This weeks popular pins for Nonny.....
Where to measure :)vintage sheets into ruffled quilt! Anthropologie inspiredMoscowlove that they glammed up those tacky birthday candles and now they look amazing!dress made from Dad's shirtfall baby showerPhytophanere Dietary Supplement for Hair & Nails by PhytoHow to get the perfect edge when sewing. I never EVER would have figured this out by myself!Craft storage - an old dresser without the drawers.Deep Dish French Bread Pizzas...great idea! Just hollow out and fill with toppings!Dollar store - outdoor black rubber door mat. Spray painted with Heirloom White from Home Depot. Sand to get a rustic feel.Make your own Quick-Pour Fondant Icing with our recipe. It's a great choice for covering cakes, cupcakes, cookies or petits fours with a dazzling silky finish.The pinner said, "Cornbread mixed with Yellow cake mix~ no one has to know your secret But..... its the BEST cornbread you will ever eat!! This is what they do at Disneyland."~~ Sounds like Marie Calendars corn breadYep!!! LOLold vintage chair

{I know they are tiny; click on thumb nail to see}

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Vacation Getaway: Hearst Castle part 1

To grow up on the Central Coast, I am ashamed to say, that I had never been to Hearst Castle.  For any excuse to beat the heat, we decided to remedy that.

I knew some of the history about this amazing landmark, but was totally impressed to see it in person.  I can't even describe the amazing details that William Hearst, and his architect Julia Morgan,  put into this castle. If you can, you must see this fabulous castle in person.

Photo Credit: Wikepedia

William Hearst loved this land since he was a little boy.  The land his father bought in San Simeon, CA,  when he discovered silver and became quite wealthy.  As a boy, William Hearst traveled the world with his Mother.  He loved the history and things that he saw.  When he decided to build his bungalow, on top of the mountain, everything he loved so much in his travels was reflected in his castle. 

 "I would like to build something upon the hill at San Simeon. I get tired of going up there and camping in tents. I'm getting a little too old for that. I'd like to get something that would be a little more comfortable."  William Hearst, Newspaper Magnate

Hearst and Morgan worked on this project from 1919-1947.  The modest bungalow grew through the years into the castle we know today.  Hearst Castle featured 56 bedrooms, 61 bathrooms, 19 sitting rooms, 127 acres of gardens, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, a movie theater, an airfield, and the world's largest private zoo. Zebras and other exotic animals still roam the grounds. The castle had running water, electricity, and lots of telephones.  

To encounter first-hand the majesty and beauty of this historical treasure, they have several tours:

After you arrive by bus, and walk up the stairs, this is your first view of the castle.

We did the Upstairs Suites Tour.  I was intrigued by this part of this home, because not even his guests we allowed to see Hearst's private quarters.

During the tour, you will have a well educated tour guide.  Our tour guide has been doing tours at the castle for 15 years.  He also teaches history at Cal Poly and was a wealth of information.  He made it very enjoyable.

One of the entrances into the castle.......gorgeous details.

This was the first sitting area, where guest were received.
When the castle was built, each room was a cement box.
Draperies were used on the wall to cover the cement.

The furniture and art was bought from all over the world.

Hearst had a crew that was just for fireplace details only.
The ceilings were not forgotten. A lot of the ceilings were done from

actual art or torn down buildings from other countries.


 This is one of the guests bedrooms.......
the details they took just for the door and doorway...lovely.

Another guest bedroom......

The view from the windows....see the beach in the distance.

More guest rooms.....

The castle even had a working elevator....

Working phones all over the castle also.....

W. Hearst encouraged his guests to stay busy. He didn't believe in laying around doing nothing.
There was a fully stocked library for the guests to avail themselves of.
And also the many outdoor activities.

The books on the shelves are the original books that Hearst brought in.
There were LOTS of books....amazing!

Exquisite details once again in the ceiling.....and amazing artifacts being shown.

So much to show you.....but that is all the time I have for today.
In the next post I will show you his private quarters and other rooms he used frequently in the castle.  So amazing!
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