Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Celebrate Flag Day!

I am so proud to be an American!  I am thankful for our freedoms, and this is still the best country to live in. But, as our country changes, and some of our freedoms are being taken away, it makes me want to celebrate our heritage even more!

Tomorrow, June 14th, is Flag Day:

"Flag Day is a day when all Americans celebrate the flag by showing respect for the flag and its makers and its designers. One of the main symbols of the United States of America is the flag.
The original U.S. flag was authorized by Congress on Saturday, June 14, 1777. It had 13 stripes - 7 red and 6 white - that represent the original 13 colonies. There were 13 white stars in a blue field representing a new constellation.
Since 1777, there have been different versions of the flag that have been adopted. The red and white stripes with blue constellation have remained the same. Each state in the union is represented by a 5 point star. The number of stars have changed as states joined the union. There are currently 50 states that belong to the United States of America."

It is our responsibility to make sure that our children our proud of the America that we live in. Take some time this Flag Day, and also Independence Day, to teach our children about this great country we live in!  And put some flags out this Flag Day!

Here are some great flag crafts.....

Photo Credit: Free Kids Crafts

Photo Credit: Michelle Journal Corner

Photo Credit: All Free Holiday Crafts

Photo Credit: Activity Bucket

And for a bulletin board for a classroom.....this my favorite!

Flag Bulletin Board
Photo Credit: Kids Fun Reviewed

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