Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Are you going to PCC?

Are you going to Pacific Coast Camp?  If you are, maybe you can help!

There is a church in need.....

" I am coming to Pacific Coast camp this year and not only that....but me and 18 other people from my church!! We are all so excited! We have had many fundraisers and every youth member is very excited to go because most have not flown before! This will be an experience they will never forget! But in this I need to ask a favor...since we are flying to Camp this year...the 12 campers this year can not bring bedding (bed, pillow, and blanket) and towels in the flight because of weight...so if anyone planning on attending camp this year can bring this extra stuff for just one person that would be amazing! We have 6 boys and 6 girls...so if you can possibly bring an extra set of things for one person please send me an email and let me know at a_d_Alvear@hotmail.com."   Angelo Alvear

I am sure many of us have extra sleeping bags and towels. 
It would be very easy to create a "Camp in a Bag". (black garbage bag) 
1 Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Towels, & Wash Cloths. (Maybe a twin air mattress) 
There are few of us who have committed to help. Hopefully you can help too!
What a blessing you would be to these young people!

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