Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Adventures of Rye: The Beach

Hey! This is Rye! I was so excited to go on another adventure this weekend with my family. I loaded up in the back of the truck, in my kennel, and was on my way......

This time my family said we were going the beach.  I love to go to new and exciting places.  There are so many new scents and things to see! And if there is water......woof!......I am all for it!  

We arrived at Ocean Park and it was a beautiful day.  I just wanted to run everywhere! How exciting to go to the beach for the first time!

On the other side of the bridge was the beach.  When we got to the other side there was a fence with a sign.....

What?!? The beach is closed! We came all this way for it to be closed?!?
It was closed due to the breeding of the endangered Snowy Plover.

Oh, puuuuleeeease! I want to go the beach!
Pretty puuuuuleeeese!

We could see the ocean in the distance......

We did take a walk in the sand.....I loved the sand.  I would run and then dig!

I even looked for birds in the bushes.....I just knew there had to be some!

There is the water......it looks different than my pool.  What is that green stuff in there?

Play time in the water!

It is time to go now......I am pretty tuckered out!

I really liked the beach! I can't wait to see those big waves one day soon!

Our last stop was a beautiful flower field.....I wanted to run through it, but for some reason my family wouldn't let me!  It smelt sooooo goooood!

I had a very nice day with my family! Hope to see you my next adventure!

Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails.  ~Max Eastman

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