Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lady Bug Theme Party

Ladybugs is an delightful theme for a little girl party!

I can tell you by experience that this is an adorable party theme to have.  With the classy red and black colors, and fun polka a dots, you can do so much with this theme.

A great way to highlight your theme is with a candy table. 

Let your imagination go......have cute, edible items to go with your theme.
Pictured below are ladybug cake pops.  Everyone loves cake pops!

Creation by Sherri Truck
Also, the ever popular cupcake......

Creation by Rubigo Kendrick

The party wouldn't be complete without a ladybug cake!

Creation by Mandi Mercer

 It is so cute to have the birthday girl dressed in the theme.

The star ladybug......

Photography Credit: J Miraflor
Isn't my grand baby a doll? :o)

Beings that this was a first birthday......over the cake table we hung a picture banner.  We had a picture represent each month of her first year.

In my search for ladybug theme, I came across some other excellent ideas:

Balloons always add a festive touch to a party....

Or you can make this adorable ladybug topiary....

Or this posh table setting.....LOVE the chair covers!

Cute Edible Art.......

And no party would be complete without the matching invitations, crafted by you....


  1. Awwww sooooo CUTE!!! She makes a really cute lil lady bug too!!! :]

  2. Cute idea, but your little lady bug is definitely the cutest!

  3. Adorable! The pretzels are my favorite!

  4. I love that cake and the cake pops! Your granddaughter is cute! I had a lady bug themed birthday party for my daughter. :-)

  5. I love the party and inspiration! You granddaughter is a doll! A lady bug theme looks like it would be so much fun to plan! Thanks for sharing on Party In Polka Dots!



  6. Oh my, talk about about creative. I don't have one favorite, I love them all.


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