Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Adventures of Rye: Dog Food & Treats

Hey this is Rye!! 
I have told y'all how much I love to eat! My family loves to give me yummy food and treats! Sadly, there are some dog food and treats that are making my fellow friends sick.  Some are even dying. This food is being manufactured in China. (Woof! My family should be buying American made products. It would help our economy! )

I got really sick last month, and to be safe, my family changed my food because of the recall on certain dog foods. (Made in China) I had eaten some of the dog food mentioned.  And the treats mentioned, they were flying off the shelf because of some great coupons.  They were almost giving them away! Not worth the cheap treats if they are going to make me sick.  Thankfully, there are lots of other healthy treats for me.

The dog food that is recalled is.......

Diamond Dog Food

Waggin Train is one treat......

I know how much you love your pets, so please reconsider not buying these products, and others, until FDA has cleared up this problem.

News Articles: 
FDA List of Dog Food Recall (It will amaze you how many!)
CBS News
NBC News

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