Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My New Stamp | Hold On

 My fourth stamp, Hold On,  has been released If you have ever gone through a storm you will understand. I went through a massive storm and I had to completely trust God to get me through it. He promises that he will not put on you more than you can bear. And you never know how strong you are until strong is the only choice. He will be the peacespeaker!
This stamp was created in remembrance of what God can do! Just Hold On.....

Friday, May 13, 2016

Easy Junque "Junk" Journal Tutorial

It has been highly requested how I make my junk journals.  Below you will find  a link on how I make them.  It is very basic and easy!  (That's how I roll!)

The Paper Line used: 


Saturday, April 30, 2016

Junque Journal for May #listersgottalist | Bo Bunny Calendar Girl Journal Kit

I kind of have a new passion for travelers notebooks, so I have been making Junque Journals to go inside of them.  I find journaling in my notebook very relaxing and they are so easy to carry in my purse.  As the month progresses, I will share exactly how I am using it.  Or you can follow along on Notions from Nonny Instagram page.




Below you will see a flip through of the journal.  With a little washi tape and thick thread, you can take any of your favorite scrapbook paper and make into a journal.  Here I used the Bo Bunny Calendar girl journal set from my shop.  Such a fun and colorful line!

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