Saturday, April 11, 2015

My New Etsy Store: Bible Journaling & Project Life Supplies

I love creating beautiful memories! I have loved Project Life for awhile, but I have found a new fondness for bible journaling.  I am always trying to find unique items to use and with this search I have decided to offer those items to you in a Etsy Store: Notions from Nonny

I have items coming in almost daily the next few weeks and I am so very excited!!

Stop by and check out the store and save EVERYDAY 10% off by using code: everyday10

Thank you for sharing in my dreams! :-)

Saturday, April 4, 2015

ABC Bible Community Week 4 | James 1:5 I AM the Resurrection and the LIfe

Tomorrow is Easter and this is a perfect verse for this very special day.   I am so thankful that Jesus died on calvary for my sins.  Because I live and believe in him I shall have eternal life.  Do you believe?

 I am so in love with Gelatos right now.  They make me feel like an artist!  And we all know that I am not the artist my Dad is, lol.  I did not get a lick of his artistic ability!  Back to Gelatos.....they are awesome!  I am learning with the thin pages of my bible, that when you use water or anything real wet, it is best to use Gesso.  Gesso is a primer and it makes Gelatos or water colors go on smooth.  And it also helps the color not bleed onto the back of the page.

I was striving for the effects of a sunset with sun rays beaming down onto a hillside.  With the Gelatos, I was able to get the look that I wanted.  I really love how this page turned out.

I hope you have a blessed and Happy Easter!


Supplies I used:

Designing W/Gelatos Colors Kit-     Product Details    Arbre protecteur Photopolymer Stamp Set (French) by Stampin' Up!

 Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

Monday, March 30, 2015

Be Free, Be Saved

God has been moving in our church.  When a man of God in your life is specific, and reminds you that you will not be saved, you reflect in all areas of your life that you may need to work on. I could easily justify my bitterness and pain with the things I have dealt with the last few years.  And I could make excuses, and live daily with them, but I choose to let go and be free.  There will be no excuses when we meet God.  He has provided us provisions to get through these times and why do we ignore them? If we are bitter and unforgiving, we WILL NOT be saved. How do we know we've truly forgiven and bitterness is gone....when we respond as Christ would.  He forgives our sins and FORGETS.....he doesn't keep reminding us of the past.  He doesn't daily grind at us about our mistakes.  He doesn't stop going to church.  When we can look at the situation, and truly feel no animosity towards the situation,  then we have forgiven.

I want God to call my name....I don't want to go through all this and not make it to heaven.  I woke with this burning in my heart and maybe this is a revelation I've received, but I am telling you with love, that we will not take our excuses and self justifications of why we are the way we are to heaven. There will be no excuses on judgement day. It doesn't matter how good your works have been, or how much you've done in the kingdom of God the last umpteen years. He will not know your name.  Be free.....and be saved.

With all my love!
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